So my friend and I went to lunch and when we drove back to work, we pull up to see a cop car parked right behind my son's car. a cop was standing at his window, with his hand very close to his gun, he is talking at him, but it seemed calm. We both parked about 10 feet away and got out of our cars, and just stood there and watched. My heart was beating a million times per minute, his hand was RIGHT NEXT TO HIS GUN YOU GUYS, WHAT THE FUCK??!

So he sees us looking at him, and about 2 minutes later says "have a good day," and starts to walk toward us. "he is not in trouble" he says to us. "Yah, we did not think he was, but we were just making sure things were cool" my friend says back. Then he starts going on about how this neighborhood has all this drug trafficking (really?) and since we have a reintroduction program right next door, they have to watch it a little closer. Huh? since when? When things go down, there is no one to be seen. "We are just trying to get to know the people in this community, he says he is part of this program, or he works there or something" he goes on and points to our building. "that's my staff member" my friend says.

"Yah? well DB is a good person to know, just FYI" I respond as well. (DB is working on violence prevention at the youth level in the community) "Oh, it's cool, it's cool" the jack ass says to me. then he gets into his stupid ass cop car.


When I approach DB he smiles at me, and he says "shit, ma, I was just sitting here minding my own..."

"IS THAT YOUR BIBLE?!??!" I ask him as I look down and see a red leather bound book in his hands, it is totally worn from use. "yah, I am just sitting here minding my own business, reading MY BIBLE and he pulls up behind me, and I am all like 'aw, man, what the heck?' and he comes over here and starts telling me that this is private property and I should not be parked here. I tell him that it's news to me, because I have been parking here for YEARS!" he kind of laughs it off, but I can see he was nervous. Probably glad we came when we did too.

damn it. A young Black man can't even park in front of his place of employment where he writes sell out plays against youth violence and poverty—to read his bible in PEACE without the cops fucking with him. I tell you guys this, bayareachick was ready to jump in between that cop and her baby if he had tried to pull any shit.... I still cannot stop picturing the cop's hand next to his gun, while my baby held his bible.


I am probably going to put this in my private blog later, but just wanted to share and commiserate with y'all right now. :(

ETA: Just for clarification, this is not my biological son, he is a young man that I have known for over 12 years and he considers me to be one of his mahs, so I call him my son because i love him like a son. I do not want to confuse or misrepresent myself or this relationship.