Well the bad news is that after merging regular GT account with the new twitter I had to create to make this sub-blog, somehow I was locked out of my account.

I get this message that is making me rage every time I see it:No SSO account for remote account.

So that is the bad news, I cannot manage the Salad Bowl. Which means I cannot add more mods ( I was able to add a few) and the ones that I did add are the only ones that can give authorship. However, they cannot add more mods, and that is an issue. We need a pretty solid team for this blog. Also, I want my powers :(

The Good NEWS: Is that the Salad Bowl is up and running and we can start adding content, so GO FOR IT GUYS!!!

At some point, if Kinja contacts me and tells me that I am shit out of luck, then we are going to have to make a decision about how we want to proceed. Create a SaladBowl2 or just move along without anyone being able to own this blog :/

I am pretty upset about this as you may imagine. I lost all privileges to all the sub-blogs I wrote for.


I created a new account, with the SAME NAME because fuck kinja that is why.